An Uncertain Twenty-Something Constantly Fighting Fear, Self-Doubt, Anxiety, etc.

My last post entitled, The Beginning, was actually meant for another blog I had started. It was around my 7th blog to be exact. But somehow it submitted onto this blog. After gaining some attention from the post, I thought maybe this was where that article was meant to be. I gave up quickly on this blog. I started it because life in my 20’s has been so confusing, uncertain, anxiety-provoking, and SCARY! But I knew that I wasn’t alone. Adding to this period of uncertainty, is an anxiety fueled brain mixed with symptoms of ADHD. So not only do I have trouble focusing sometimes, but then I become extremely anxious as a result! 

A lot of people don’t want to discuss this type of thing because they feel weak or embarrassed. I’ve felt that and continue to fight it. However, I fear not putting myself out there more than I fear actually doing it. I’d rather look back on my life’s failures than on the fear itself of failing. 

So this is me trying.

There are tons of bloggers out there, only a handful of which have managed to become really successful at it. I’ve done my research on success bloggers and concluded that a big key to their success if this: they’re honest. They don’t shy away from their shortcomings, their fears, their failures. I’d argue that writing about all of that so openly is what has made them so successful. 

There are a lot of health bloggers, weight loss bloggers, learn to become a great writer bloggers, but I don’t think there are too many of my kind. I guess I’m an uncertain twenty-something constantly fighting fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and adhd who wants to share her experiences openly and honestly type of blogger. And I hope I can help any of you that fit that description as well. 


The beginning

Welp, here it goes. Starting this blog makes me nervous. Thinking of how to sustain it makes me even more so. Putting everything out there into cyberspace, with my name and my picture, is enough to get my heart pounding. But I feel too strongly that the position I am in is one that so many others find themselves in as well. These are the thoughts and emotions I have goin’ on that I think so many can relate to:

1.) I have goals and aspirations but the thought of accomplishing them scares me..A LOT.

2.) Even if that fear didn’t exist, I am SUPER confused as to how I go about making them happen. First steps are always the hardest and that has never felt more true.

3.) I am in immense need of guidance, support and encouragement.

4.) I fear waking up somewhere down the line with an undeniable sense of REGRET. Not so much regret of failing but rather regret of never trying.

5.) I want to live my optimal life- I mean, MY BEST LIFE EVER. I want to be open, honest, feel the fear and do it anyway, free, and a million other adjectives. 

My goal is for this blog to hold me accountable in making my best life a reality without allowing all the other junk (fear, anxiety, self-doubt) get in the way. And in doing so, I want to help and inspire YOU to create your best life without allowing YOUR junk to get in YOUR way.