It’s so awkward to write about yourself in paragraph form. I think who I am shines through most in my articles. But if you really want to know who the writer is behind the blog, here are a few things about me:

* I grew up in Canton, OH, home of the Football Hall of Fame, which I have only frequented once and was bored to tears.

* I have lived in Chicago for four years and it really is as awesome a city as everyone says it is.

* I earned my Master’s in General Psychology not to move up in my career but because I love learning about the human psysche so friggin’ much! (I called it my “really expensive hobby”).

* I dream to one day live on the beach..or at least within a mile of one.

* I originally majored in journalism in undergrad but after taking my first psychology course, realized I was too naturally curious to not turn it into a career.

* I like: flowers, photography, strong coffee, genuine human connections, starting 5 books at once only to take years to finish them, and every type of cheese in existence.

* I dislike: cats (I’ve had bad experiences), people that are constantly negative or condescending, and feeling creatively stifled.

Well, I suppose that’s enough for now but I LOVE connecting to people so if you have something you want to get off your chest, words of encouragement, or just want to say hi, feel free to shoot me a message! 🙂



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