The Floating 20’s Upside

bcebc533According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, floating is defined as “continually drifting or changing position.” If you’ve experienced life in your 20’s or are currently doing so, chances are this definition accurately describes life in this decade.

While trying to think up some cute and clever name for this blog, “floating” kept popping into my head. That is essentially what I feel I have been doing since graduating college until now, at age 26.

I have floated from job to job, apartment to apartment, friend to friend, date to date, you name it. There has been little stability and certainty during this time. I often go to bed confused, worried, uncertain, and wondering when all the pieces will fall into place?

As you can imagine, going to bed with this much anxiety can make for some pretty unpleasant dreams. One I had last night struck me so hard when I woke up, that I knew I could not ignore it. It was a pretty violent dream that left me fairly shaken when I awoke but basically, I was being held captive in a small room filled with strangers. A man, who had pretended to be a cop, all of a sudden rushed towards me, pointing a gun to my leg. Gruesome, I know.

All of a sudden, the gun went off and I realized that I had been shot. I immediately knew I was not going to make it and the first thought that came to mind was, “I never tried..”  I was filled with such vivid regret and despair for putting off so much of my life.

Fortunately, they say you can never really die in your dreams so I managed to escape but when I came to, I realized this dream meant something. None of us want to realize somewhere down the road that we were too scared to go after what we wanted when we had the chance. For so many of us, our 20’s are our chance.

With the uncertainty of floating comes flexibility, time and energy that we may not otherwise have ten, twenty, fifty years from now. But instead of taking full advantage of all the limitless opportunities we can either create or seek out, we waste the time away worrying we won’t figure it out.

I could ramble on for days on the subject but the take away of this post is this: I want to help 20-sometings see the advantages and enjoyment that can result from this floating time of life. Let’s not waste it on the negative but take full advantage of all the positives it has to offer.

I am committed to sharing my experiences, wisdom, insight, everything I have gained and lost while navigating through my 20’s with all of you. My hope is to inspire and motivate you all to create the life you envision instead of dragging your feet through the mud. Let’s make this dream a reality. After all, our 20’s won’t last forever!


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